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About Us

Saxon Mount Community Special School caters for children and young people who have a range of Special Educational Needs (SEN), particularly ‘autism and associated Communication and Language Difficulties’ (ACLD). In practice this means a large number of our children are autistic. A significant number of pupils also have speech, language and communication difficulties and other complex SEN.


Pupil outside school

Admissions to Saxon Mount are arranged in partnership with the Local Authority. All pupils who attend Saxon Mount have a statement of SEN. If you wish to find out more about Saxon Mount School because your child is undergoing a statutory assessment but does not yet have a statement of SEN, please ensure that you seek advice from the SEN department at County Hall prior to arranging a visit to the school. Alternatively, if your child already has a statement of SEN but is currently on the roll of a mainstream school, please also seek advice from the SEN department at County Hall prior to arranging a visit. If you are unsure of your child’s status with regard to SEN or statementing, our office staff will try to help identify who would be best placed to help you. We are always happy to offer advice and guidance to prospective parents.

School Structure

The school is organised in a carefully structured way that promotes independence, confidence and preparation for life beyond secondary school. Class sizes are small and have a high staff ratio. We support children joining us in Year 7 by providing a structured transition programme, ensuring that a higher percentage of curriculum time is spent in classroom bases. By the time pupils move into Year 8 and 9, they are happy and confident enough to move independently around the school in order to access a wider range of teaching areas. We have three smaller class groups for children with higher levels of learning difficulty and additional needs. Pupils based in these class groups have access to additional learning support.

Additional Needs

Additional needs support to pupils is also provided by a range of staff who work alongside our skilled teaching team. We work closely with a team of Speech and Language Therapists and Assistants, all of whom help our pupils learn new skills and strategies to support their growing independence. We also have a number of staff who can offer further learning, social or emotional support for targeted pupils. Pupils who require other interventions such as Occupational Therapy (as specified in their statement) may also receive this at school.


Pupil outside school

Learning at Saxon Mount is delivered in carefully planned and differentiated activities and all pupilsfollow the National Curriculum. We have some excellent facilities to support learning, including specialist science, art and technology classrooms, a sensory curriculum interaction centre. Outdoor areas are also very well resourced, with specially designated areas for gardening, PE and sport and leisure activities. Although children join us with low levels of prior attainment, we expect all pupils to engage and behave well,so that they are able to make the best possible progress in their learning.

Pupils are encouraged to participate in the large number of curriculum trips and after school clubs that can support learning and provide social and personal development opportunities. This includes a number of opportunities to participate in residential trips.

Moving on…

By the time our young people leave school, they are able to achieve in a number of areas, ranging from GCSE and equivalent qualifications and vocational qualifications, to life skills awards which demonstrate increased independence. Young people also have opportunities to participate in work related learning and they are well prepared to make the transition into education, employment ortraining once they leave Saxon Mount. We have an excellenttrack record in supporting pupils in moving on to the next stage of their learning and development