Year 11 Leavers Hoodies

Dear parent

This year pupils in Year 11 have the opportunity to buy a leaver hoodie as a reminder of their time at Saxon Mount. We have set up an online shop with the company supplying the hoodies  so that you can purchase them directly.  


 The shop will allow you to see  the hoodie and choose the colour and size that your child would like.   The cost is £25.95.  Pupils may use the merits they have collected in  school to pay for their hoodie.  If this is the case they will need to  speak to Miss Noble.

To place an order please go to   The login details are as follows:  USERNAME:SL55891.  PASSWORD:55891saxon

The online shop closes on the02/06/21 so  you must place their order by then.  The hoodies will be delivered to  school around the end of June.  If they arrive after the 30th June when  the pupils have left, we will make arrangements for you to collect at a  suitable time.   If you have any questions then please do not hesitate  to contact me at the school.